Meghan was such a help! I had significant sleeping issues and mood swings after delivering my 2nd child, and Meghan was able to quickly aid the situation. Through just discussion with her and assessment, she was able to get me on a natural supplement regimen that had me feeling back to myself within weeks! After months and months of not feeling well. She provides her full attention to her clients and walks along side you through the entire process, with phone calls and checkups, to ensure you are on track with reaching your health goals. I highly recommend Meghan for any struggling postpartum mom out there!

~Keri R.

So warm and accommodating with my sweet babies. Thank you!

~Lindsay T.

Meghan has coached me through a wide array of parenting obstacles. From ear infections to perinatal mood issues, dental care to what snacks to send to school, I truly value and appreciate all the advice and guidance Meghan has offered. Also, through her talks, I learned some great info to pass on to family & clients (I am a personal trainer). I absolutely recommend Meghan to friends and clients!

~Laurel S.

Meghan is great – really knows her stuff but also has a very calming, warm energy. I have been very impressed with her approach and methodology.

~Liz D.

Ifind Meghan’s holistic approach to wellness to be a refreshing and empowering change to regular medical approaches where it feels like “get in, get out, take a pill, get on with your life”. Being able to look at the whole person– to talk about all aspects of a person’s life and how that may or may not be impacting one’s health just makes good sense.

~Jennifer K.

During a time of great physical duress with a mounting symptom list, another trusted female practitioner highly recommended I work with Meghan to support my health. Meghan not only got to the bottom of my health issues, but her recommendations allowed me to heal my body in a very sensitive and positive way. I felt listened-to and knew she was working in my best interest. Thanks Meghan, I have my life back!

~Lindsay T.

Itend toward natural healing remedies. So, when I found myself relying on an antidepressant to deal with severe post-partum depression, I reached out to Meghan to help get me back on track. Meghan really does treat the whole person. She was very thorough in her questionnaires, listened empathically, and provided sound advice in my medical and personal needs. It was not a quick-fix solution, but rather a plan that addressed my physical, emotional, and interpersonal needs. I would highly recommend her practice!

~Kim VH.

It is such a breath of fresh air to consult with a clinician that has a holistic approach towards health. Dr. Van Vleet was thorough in her questions and listened carefully to my responses. I didn’t feel rushed and I felt validated in feeling how I felt. I appreciate how she uses food as medicine as much as possible- making great dietary suggestions instead of only supplement suggestions. I am excited to begin this healing journey and trust in Dr. Van Vleet’s medical expertise and holistic guidance.

~Erica W.

Dr. Van Vleet’s approach to the postpartum time is targeted to help women and their families in a very comprehensive way. Her goal is to holistically address not only the physical issues that can come up, but how our hormones, digestion, diet, and immune responses tie into the mental/emotional roller-coaster that many women and families find themselves in during this unique time. I highly recommend Dr. Van Vleet as an amazing resource for women to address the root causes of difficulty during this period.

~KM Reinholtz

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