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Making Sense of School and Struggle

Discussions are endless and emotions are running high. Decisions are being made and questions still remain. What we once knew and came to expect is fleeting at best and now we are left in a state of wondering what is going on, who is to blame, and what to do about it. Welcome to trying to make sense of struggles, especially school, during a pandemic. On any given day, many of us struggle with life situations - poor grades at school, a job we are unhappy at, relationship issues, health concerns, etc. But when a global crisis so much larger than any of us is looming over our usual trials and tribulations, and we lack unified and consistent leadership working towards creative and meaningful solutions, we can feel overwhelmed, angry, and simply at a loss of how to navigate it all. And I know that feelings about school are at the top of the list for many right now. We [...]

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Supporting Recovery & Nourishment from Quarantine

How has life been the past few months since staying at home more?  Have you indulged a bit with sugary, carb-loaded, salty foods and alcohol?  Has there been less exercising?  How about a more loose sleep schedule? If any of these are true, don’t feel guilty!  Life has been altered from the pandemic and the stress and restraint may have led to less-than-ideal choices. However, summer is here and it’s a new season to shed the poor habits that have sprouted during quarantine and embrace the responsible and healthy choices you once knew. Why? While we still don’t know everything about COVID-19, we do know that it is not straight-forward.  There may be lingering effects that we are not fully aware of at this time; even though some infections may be or have been asymptomatic, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can get away without any health consequences. In addition, stress, low-movement, altered diet, and improper sleep can all have damaging [...]

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10 Ways to Curb Sensory Deprivation During the Pandemic

It’s been a while.  For a lot of things. Over the past two months, our culture has gone from doing pretty much whatever we wanted at whatever time we wanted to isolating ourselves and our families from life as it once was. It’s been a long while since we’ve lingered at dinner with friends, enjoyed a massage, or simply hugged an aging parent and now we are starting to feel the effects. “Pandemic Fatigue” is a current concept being coined by researchers which refers to many things that we are getting tired of.  One of those elements is the lack of eye contact and physical touch which can lead to a loss of empathy during a time when it may be needed most. Sure, online meetings and Facetime calls are wonderful, but they don’t fulfill our need for actual in-person interaction - what many of us need in order to fully flourish and continue to be compassionate and sensitive to [...]

3 Changes for Better Health

This new normal is inviting many of us to reconsider the meaning of discomfort and pain in our lives...

Preparing for the Coronavirus

March 12, 2020 Update: For up-to-date local, national, and international information regarding the COVID19 pandemic, see the respective websites below. Boulder County: Public Health: for Disease Control: Health Organization: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is all over the news and social media. There is talk of preparing for major disruption to regular life, school and work. Some grocery store aisles were shockingly bare over this past weekend. As expected, the coronavirus is now in the United States, and it is possibly just a matter of days before it is identified in Colorado. Is it overblown? Time will tell, but I can tell you that the hype does not serve anyone’s nervous system well, and managing your stress will be key if the virus heads our way. One way I manage my stress is by being informed. While the virus thankfully does not seem to be so challenging for healthy individuals and children, it can be more severe in those [...]

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Bone Health for Kids and Adults

DID YOU KNOW…? The statistics are staggering: 21-30% of those who suffer a hip fracture die within one year. Known as the “kiss of death,” it typically happens in older adults and can be a terrifying experience. This is why understanding bone health from our adolescence to adulthood can result in establishing a strong foundation for warding off dangerous outcomes from fractures, breaks, and diseases such as osteopenia and osteoporosis. Healthy bone development begins when we are young; up to 80% of our bone mass is established before the age of 18!  This means that our childhood plays just as important of a role in bone health as do our older years. Following, we take a look at healthy strategies for strong bones in both kids and adults. DID YOU KNOW…strong bone health starts when we are young so we should help our kids now! Did you grow up with marketing ads insisting the only way to strong bones was [...]

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Love, Relationships, and Heart Health

Have you ever signed a letter or card by drawing a heart for your salutation?  Do you draw a heart when leaving a note in your child’s lunch box?  Do you “heart” cities around the world? When we draw a heart it is not representing our physical heart, but rather is a symbol of our love. What if I were to tell you that the physical heart and the metaphysical heart (the emotional heart) were actually linked? According to Dr. Dean Ornish, humans are “creatures of community” and need communication, love, and connection with ourselves, others, and the world at large. Establishing positive relationships that support us and feed our souls are not only good for our emotional health but can affect our physical well-being as well.  Research shows that negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, and fear can cause inflammation in the body and one of the areas affected can be the heart. ( So how can you nurture self-love [...]

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