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Living Seasonally: Honoring the Transition to Fall

Living Seasonally: Honoring the Transition to Fall What is it about that warm pumpkin spice latte? Why does the process of leaves changing color seem so beautiful? How come a cozy blanket and a roaring fireplace is such a draw? The elements of fall (whether natural or societal), can be inspiring, comforting, and joyful - especially in Colorado. It’s almost as though our minds and bodies crave a hike amongst quaking aspens, a mug of hot apple cider, and a good reading nook. And this intuitive yearning for all things fall? It may actually be all about energy. If we consider how the earth changes throughout the year and use nature as our guide, we can see that each season has its own distinct energy:      Spring = Outward energy; warmer temperatures, blossoming of plants, animals coming out of hibernation   Summer = Outward energy; long hours of sunlight, production of crops, animals out and about   Fall = [...]

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4 Ways to Weather Wildfire Smoke

The hazy skies, the smell of smoke, and even the rain of ash - it’s becoming a summer phenomenon in the West that is more normal than not.   Wildfire season isn’t so much about if it will happen, but when and for how long.  With drier climates and higher temperatures not only are we witnessing devastating environmental disasters but we are also experiencing dangerous health effects in response.   Whether burning here in Colorado or all the way from California, our air can be filled with toxins, chemicals, particles, and smoke in the atmosphere we breathe and can lead to both short- and long-term issues. Common, short-term effects of wildfire smoke include, but are not limited to:   - sinus congestion   - cough   - irritated nasal passages   - headache   - burning eyes   - sinus infection   - asthma attacks     and long-term issues such as:   - lung inflammation   - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)   - heart [...]

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Naturally Preparing Kids for Back to School

As summer begins to wind down and the look ahead to a new grade inches closer, nerves and excitement can fill any kid’s (and parent’s!) mind. Will they like their new teacher(s)? How easily will they adapt to a new schedule? Will their social circles be the same? So many wonders and worries! And that’s just on any given year. After the past 18 months of remote learning, social distancing, mask wearing, and quarantines, not only are there the typical frets, but now added concerns about sickness may be compounding it all. Does your child feel safe without a mask? What happens if your child comes home with a cough and fever? What should you keep doing and what is okay to let go of? This month, I tackle questions that many parents may be asking themselves as they get their kids ready to go back to school. Following are 8 things we have learned from the last year and [...]

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Why Allergies May Be Worse This Year and What To Do About It?

Why Allergies May Be Worse This Year and What To Do About It More “Achoos” than normal? Excessively itchy, watery eyes? Tickle in the throat waking you up at night? Yes, it’s allergy season in Colorado which means these symptoms are common any given year, however, 2021 may be bringing on more intense reactions than ever before. And one major reason why may surprise you.   Whether you’ve always had allergies and this year seems to be worse than usual or you typically don’t suffer from environmental sensitivities and now, out of nowhere, it’s hitting you, the cause may not all be due to typical pollen counts and weed blooms but rather… the pandemic. Why? Face masks, social distancing, and acute cleanliness lowered our exposure to natural and regular sickness such as colds and flus over the past 18 months. And wasn’t that a good thing, you may ask? Well, yes…and no. No one wants to deal with miserable symptoms [...]

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What is SIBO and Are You Suffering From It?

You’ve had a bit more acid reflux recently and antacids are your new best friend. Constipation is becoming worse but nothing that a bit more fiber can’t help, right? Your stomach is bloated and feels like its twice its size by the end of the day so you tell yourself it’s time to stop eating so much so quickly. Or, your stool is so loose lately that you just need to make sure there is a bathroom nearby. Just common digestive upset? It actually may be a bit more than that. It may be SIBO. Never heard of SIBO? That’s okay - it can be a lesser known term when it comes to gut health, but nonetheless, it’s one that’s vitally important to know about. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (also known as SIBO), occurs when bacteria from another part of the digestive system (primarily the large intestine) migrates its way into the small intestine - where it’s not supposed to [...]

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A Daily Guide for Brain Health

If you listed out everything you “had” to do each day, what would your responsibilities consist of? Feeding the kids and getting them off to school? Going to work and being productive? Walking the dog and hopefully getting in an evening run? And what about all those household chores? The question I pose to you is this…what is on your list that takes care of your brain? Considering the rise in neurological disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, it may be one - if the not the most - important organ we should nurture everyday. More and more research is connecting brain health with the entire wellbeing of the body and its systems, which means that how we take care of our brains can affect how healthy we are overall. But with busy schedules and oodles of responsibilities, we can easily lose sight of how to purposefully live each day with this in mind. Let’s be honest…it’s easy to [...]

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Coming Back from Trauma

Coming Back from Trauma; Processing Grief It was spring break.  The kids were excited to get away for some outdoor activities and I was looking forward to the much anticipated family time.  We had just arrived in Grand Junction - the first stop in our thoroughly planned road trip to Moab - to visit a dear friend we hadn’t seen since the pandemic hit (with an outdoor picnic, of course).  But as we pulled up to greet her, our well intentioned, joyful plans turned stoic when she came running out to ask us if we had heard what was going on in Boulder.   Almost simultaneously, my phone began buzzing with notifications about community school lockdowns as I continued to listen to her explain what happened.  For a moment…the world seemed to have went into chaos and yet, it felt like it completely stopped at the same time.  It simply didn’t feel real.  _______________________ Now that’s been a few weeks, [...]

5 Steps to a Physical and Mental Spring Renewal

Resiliency.  The ability to bounce back after experiencing mental and/or physical set-backs, disappointments, or hurts. I’ve noticed it’s becoming a bit of a buzz word recently, and for good reason. January 1 wasn’t the magical reset many of us yearned for and now symptoms of little energy, sluggish bowels, and even low-grade depression are abundant as we move through this nebulous time. But guess what? Winter always turns to spring and lucky for us, this renewing season is about to be upon us. If you’re ready to shed the stress, the worry, and yes, maybe even the extra pounds from the very long winter of the entire last year, then… Wipe the slate clean and create resiliency for your body, mind, and spirit with these 5 steps: 1. Be Honest. Sure, you may be going through the motions of getting everything done, but are you really living? It’s time to be honest about what you are currently feeling as well [...]

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Navigating Forward During the Pandemic

It’s almost been a year since our way of life changed as we knew it. An entire year of social distancing, wearing masks, changes to school and work, little to no travel, and not seeing some of our closest friends and family. It’s been tough and many (if not all) of us are ready to move on.  We may want to travel again, let our kids have playdates, and connect in-person with others that we’ve missed.  We just want our lives back. But how do we do this in a safe, healthy, and respectful manner? The good news is that there is light on the horizon and we are within reach of gaining back a sense of normalcy.  However, we are not quite there yet! This is why it’s important we continue to stay the course. With mindfulness and determination, this doesn’t mean we have to stay stagnant.  We do have the ability to navigate forward and I’m here to [...]

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