It’s almost been a year since our way of life changed as we knew it.

An entire year of social distancing, wearing masks, changes to school and work, little to no travel, and not seeing some of our closest friends and family.

It’s been tough and many (if not all) of us are ready to move on. 

We may want to travel again, let our kids have playdates, and connect in-person with others that we’ve missed.  We just want our lives back.

But how do we do this in a safe, healthy, and respectful manner?

The good news is that there is light on the horizon and we are within reach of gaining back a sense of normalcy.  However, we are not quite there yet!

This is why it’s important we continue to stay the course.

With mindfulness and determination, this doesn’t mean we have to stay stagnant.  We do have the ability to navigate forward and I’m here to do this with you.

Following, I answer 3 common questions (based on the information I have at the time of this writing) many are facing right now about how to go about it:

1. I have heard some people do not want to get vaccinated. What do you recommend and is there anything I should do before receiving it?

Based on the information I have as of this blog going live, I encourage people to access the COVID-19 vaccine.  There is always risk versus benefit in most things we do and this is no different. In this case, the benefits seem to greatly outweigh the risks (especially considering many who contract the virus are dealing with debilitating long-term effects).

If you do choose to get the vaccine, I recommend the following:

  • postpone if you are sick.  If you have a cold, are experiencing GI issues, or just feel off, wait until you are feeling better to get vaccinated.
  • optimize your immune system.  Your immune system needs all of its resources to process the vaccine so give it the opportunity to focus solely on that.
  • take preventative measures.  Start now or at minimum, 2 weeks prior to receiving the vaccination, to increase immunity and GI function by taking vitamin C, zinc, mushrooms, probiotics, glutamine, and/or glutathione.
  • keep mainstays strong. Now is not the time to slack off.  Make sure to eat well, stay hydrated, move your body, and breathe deeply everyday.

Get your health in the best state possible so you can receive the most optimal response from the vaccine.

2. Spring break is coming up, is it okay to travel?

While it still may be safest to stay at home, travel doesn’t necessarily have to be eliminated.  If you do choose to travel, I recommend:

  • driving if possible
  • utilizing 2 masks, a face shield, and goggles for protection on airplanes and airports
  • selecting accommodations with your own entrance and exit (without a common lobby, elevators, etc.)
  • bringing and making your own food or selecting take out rather than sitting inside a restaurant
  • opting for outdoor activities where social distancing can be adhered to
  • keeping updated on local and state dials as well as guidelines before traveling

3. My kids want to have a playdate. They see each other everyday at school so is it safe to have them interact in our home together?

It’s hard to raise a family isolated and alone – and, at times, when we just can’t do everything ourselves.

So while there is no definitive answer to this as we still want everyone to stay safe and for schools to remain open for in-person learning, there may be some room for flexibility here.

If another family has the same agreements/follows the same guidelines that yours does, having a friend(s) over outside is a great option. If moving indoors is necessary to use the bathroom or because of weather changes or other unforeseen events, keeping masks on, circulating air through the HVAC filter or air purifier, and opening airflow (such as with open windows) can reduce risk.

If you find yourself needing to offer or accept a ride, don’t be afraid to ask that everyone wear masks and to crack the windows during the drive.

Do you have other questions about how to move forward through this pandemic?

You don’t have to navigate this time alone.  Whether it’s about what supplements can best support your specific immune system or if a certain issue may be of concern with the vaccine, I am here to provide naturopathic guidance for those in the Boulder and Denver metro areas.

Please call me at (720) 340-0193 or send me a message here for us to connect.

Let’s stay the course and reap the rewards that are on the horizon.