You’ve been on birth control for years without any issues,
but now all of a sudden, your period is starting a day later than usual. 

You typically suffer from mild PMS, but lately it’s been debilitating. 

Or, even though you are staying home more now,
you have fatigue that is completely draining you of doing anything.

If any of these, or similar situations, sound familiar, it’s not surprising given the times we are in.

Chronic stressors, including those of the pandemic, can cause female hormone disruptions that can wreak havoc on our daily lives.

During times of stress, the endocrine system can become unbalanced, leading to:

– abnormal bleeding

– breakthrough bleeding

– heavier monthly flows

– extra ovulations

– irregular cycles


– hot flashes

– menstrual cramps

– anxiety

– nervous energy

– moodiness

– fatigue

– sleep disruption

– heart palpitations

– weight gain

in addition to other symptoms caused by thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive hormone interruptions.

These issues can happen to women of all ages, although most commonly, it is seen in those 35 and older as hormones fluctuate with age.

The good news?

You don’t have to succumb to hormonal upset due to chronic stress!

Simple lifestyle changes as well as naturopathic treatment options can help balance and support thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive hormones for optimal health.

First, it’s important to tease out what the primary focus should be.  For example, if one hormone system is compromised, then one or both of the other systems may be over-compensating.  The evaluation of how they are working individually as well as in conjunction with each other is vital to selecting the right path to healing.

Many times, this begins and ends with lifestyle recommendations that support specific hormonal processes.

These recommendations include, but are not limited to:

Intent and Mindfulness: learning to make informed and conscious health choices including what you eat, how you destress, and how you process emotions

Dietary Modifications: understanding your eating patterns (for example, are you reaching for sugar and/or salt to deal with stress?) and including small additions or changes for proper nourishment (such as adding protein to that less-than-ideal sugary snack)

Gut Health Support: helping the microbiome in the gut can be crucial and can be worked on with proper diet of pre and probiotics as well as with supplements

Good Sleep: getting 7-9 hours of adequate and routine sleep

Exercise: adjusting your movement to help hormones equalize

Meditation: starting with 3 minutes of quiet meditation on a daily basis and slowly increasing your time in order to calm your mind and lower your cortisol levels

While lifestyle recommendations should be considered for most, testing is also a valuable tool to discovering the root cause of symptoms and how to best treat them.

I utilize the DUTCH Test from Precision Analytical, Inc. to analyze hormone levels as well as to look at how they are being metabolized in the body.  The results of this test allow me to tailor treatment, particularly with herbal supplements that target specific imbalances.  Supplements can boost the body’s production of hormones as well as regulate them, making this naturopathic option a safe and healthy one.

Unusual symptoms during times like this don’t have to be a mystery; the mindset of, “it just is what it is,” doesn’t feel very good to any of us and there is much we can do about it.  If you live in the Boulder or general Denver metro area and are experiencing “off” symptoms, please call me at (720) 340-0193 or contact me here.

Together, we can work to regulate and restore hormones for a balanced life…even during a pandemic.