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Are you feeling frustrated or uneasy, experiencing anxiety, or having disrupted sleep?

What would be possible for you if you could regain your health and wellness?

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

Maybe you are having more trouble than you used to shaking off your mental cobwebs. Or maybe you have struggled with your mental health for years, and the last few have only made things worse.

Or perhaps you have a child and are finding it a challenge to support them in all the different ways that you want to during these difficult times. Are you a mom or soon-to-be mom struggling to find meaningful support?

You are not alone.

There is no health without mental (and cognitive!) health.

I am Dr. Meghan Van Vleet. Mental and cognitive health throughout the lifespan is the foundation of overall health. As such, I approach the health and well–being of my patients through the lens of optimizing mental and cognitive health. I understand the vast body of contributing factors to mental and cognitive health issues, putting my expertise and experience as a general practitioner to work.

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Be Well,

Meghan Van Vleet, ND

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Meghan Van Vleet, ND

Meghan Van Vleet, ND
Harmony Naturopathic Family Medicine Boulder CO

Who I Work With

I treat anyone who seeks my care.

In my practice I am committed to ensuring patients are seen, validated, celebrated, honored regardless of race, gender, gender expression, health status, age. I am here to provide you with the best service I can. If you are unsure if we may be a good fit for working together, please trust this process and schedule a brief discovery phone call. I am open to learning about new-to-me needs and experiences as well.

In my intake paperwork as well as here on my website, gender = gender assigned at birth. I realize that this may or may not be the same as one’s gender identity or gender expression.

Harmony Naturopathic Family Medicine is located in Boulder, Colorado. I offer the convenience of in-person appointments as well as and virtual telehealth appointments via phone or Zoom/Skype.

Conditions I Treat

I am a general practitioner with a focus on cognitive and mental health. I specialize in a naturopathic approach rather than a particular subset of diagnoses or symptoms. My expertise includes:

  • Cognitive decline, both prevention and treatment
  • Perinatal Support
  • Mental Health issues such as depression & anxiety
  • And much more....  (click here to view)