Imagine knowing just what to do to take care of yourself, so that you can let go of anger, resentment, or bitterness towards your partner or child(ren). Imagine feeling optimistic about the day ahead and the future. Imagine carving out time for yourself and being clear-headed enough to actually know what to do with it in order to support yourself the best way possible. Take a deep breath…and know there are great possibilities for you.

What if you had support not just with meals and household chores, but with what may be going on in your body creating or contributing to your experience of anxiety or depression? This is the kind of support I offer, working in collaboration with the mental health providers at the Postpartum Wellness Center of Boulder, and often collaborating with your primary care provider. It can take a village. Your village is here to support you.

Harmony Naturopathic Family Medicine LLC is a general naturopathic practice with a focus on Mom’s mental health. Afterall, Mom’s mental health is integral to the family’s wellbeing. Mom is often the caregiver for many others, but requires care herself to maintain her own sense of balance and wellbeing. I am Dr. Meghan Van Vleet, and I specialize in helping moms navigate what can be a tricky and sometimes long transition in the life of a woman and her family. If you are pregnant or a new mom (or even a mom with a 4-5 year old or older child!) and you are suffering with anxiety and depression, or not sure if you are, please seek help. You are not alone.

I practice medicine with an understanding that the way we live has the greatest potential to prevent disease and create health and wellbeing. Furthermore, what we eat, how we move & breathe, what we think and believe are all within our control.

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Let me take the time to listen to your story. Let’s partner in your health goals.

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Be Well,

Meghan Van Vleet, ND

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Meghan Van Vleet, ND

Meghan Van Vleet, ND

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